About Us

Hello Friends

Stress is at an all time high in our society today. We have lost countless friends and family members to stress related suicide and enough is enough.  

Not Doing It is a movement to actively take steps to cut out the stress in our lives and prioritize our own mental health and wellbeing. We all try to escape our stressful realities temporarily through things like listening to music, partying and hanging out with friends, etc.. But what about the things that we can do to permanently change our stressful realities for good? We are here to discuss ways to temporarily escape our everyday realities but also to provide actionable solutions for permanently changing our realities and eliminating stress for good.

Stress is toxic, we're Not Doing It! 

Who we are: We are a community of artists and business professionals who decided that we are going to prioritize our mental health and well being over everything else. Not Doing It was started in 2022 by a group of brothers Brandon, Jason and Nicholas, who are mental health advocates and small business owners. Our goal is to spread the word about Not Doing It to create more productive workplaces and a better world.