Bet on Yourself

In our society today, external pressures continue to further materialistic thinking, the idea that there is always another item to acquire, another race to run, that will then get us to where we want to be.  Wellness, Health, Peace, Tranquility, Zen, Calm, Strength. We've all heard of these terms throughout our lives. Our parents, teachers, mentors, friends, and the media are frequently enlisting a specific set of directions as to how best achieve them, normally with a one size fits all box. This cycle only stops when we decide to bet on ourselves instead of listening to external voices. 


  1. COVID-19 has highlighted the historic pattern of wellness being a low priority until an emergency causes short-lived reactionary action. 
  2. We as people can no longer place any faith in our institutions and must take charge of our own lives today.

Why Bet On Yourself?  

The largest risk factor in contracting COVID-19 is having a chronic disease, which is defined as a condition that lasts 1 year or more and limits activities of daily living.  

  • There are roughly: 133 million Americans living with a chronic disease, totaling 40% of the nation.   
  • We, and 40% of our neighbors, are susceptible to contracting a fatal virus that is out of our control while we watch both our government institutions and those of a higher economic standing continue to prosper.
Such a situation is far from new; we can think of hurricane Katrina in 2005 or the continuing flint water crisis, where government failures included confusion, failure to learn from history, communication breakdowns, supply failures, indecision, fraud and abuse. Doesn’t that sound familiar? History has shown time and time again, the strongest and most reliable player in ensuring survival is You.


You, We, Us

Our purpose for this project is to empower communities on an individual level since each of our needs and personal backgrounds need to be recognized. The first step in honoring ourselves is taking small actions every day to better our mind, body, and soul.   


  • Mind: talking to yourself may be frowned upon, but by speaking out loud we are forced to both recognize the power in our voice and to send out our intentions. If we can’t hear ourselves, then no one can.   
  • Body: forget the apple, a kiwi a day keeps the doctor away. The fiber in kiwi provides a good source of prebiotics, which helps your gut create healthy bacteria. Did you know that scientists believe that our gut is our second brain, some arguing it's even more powerful than the one upstairs.   
  • Soul: pranayama breathing can be broken down by prana, meaning life force and ayama, meaning extending. This type of breathing is credited to both instantly calm your spirit and supercharge your body. Close your mouth, take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out slowly press your tongue against the roof of your mouth while your breath sounds louder and deeper in the throat.